PistonMOTD Formatting

How to make your server look shiny in the server list!


Color (Minecraft Name) Color Code
Dark Red (dark_red) &4
Red (red) &c
Gold (gold) &6
Yellow (yellow) &e
Dark Green (dark_green) &2
Green (green) &a
Aqua (aqua) &b
Dark Aqua (dark_aqua) &3
Dark Blue (dark_blue) &1
Blue (blue) &9
Light Purple (light_purple) &d
Dark Purple (dark_purple) &5
White (white) &f
Gray (gray) &7
Dark Gray (dark_gray) &8
Black (black) &0


Format Color Code
“reset” Reset color to default &r
Bold &l
Italic &o
Underline &n
Strike &m
Random characters &k


The RGB format is &#FFFFFF. MOTD only!


The MiniMessage formatting is supported! It also allows you to create RGB and not RGB gradients and rainbow colors! Here is a link to the documentation of it: Click here!