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Why would I use PistonMOTD?

PistonMOTD has all features a motd plugin needs and that other motd plugins don’t have.

Here is a small comparison:

PistonMOTD MiniMOTD AdvancedNMotd ServerListPlus
Custom protocol
RGB support
Downscale RGB on older clients
Random Icon
Gradients and rainbows
Spigot support
Bungeecord support
Sponge support
Velocity support

PistonMOTD has a great community, and you will always find support on the discord server.

Please consider using it for your server as it can really help you to look professional.

Does this plugin support 1.16 HEX/RGB colors?

Yes it does, but only for the motd and nothing else.

You can read into the formatting section in the config site. Click here!