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Who is this guy?

Hi! I’m Alex aka AlexProgrammerDE and aka Pistonmaster. I have quite a passion for Minecraft and have learned a lot of programming languages and frameworks over the years. I am currently a pupil in a German high school.

What does describe me?

I am an enthusiastic and creative person. I like to create and learn new things. I can also work well in a team and take responsibility.

I am also a big fan of Open Source and my GitHub profile is very active.

What am I capable of?

I code in Java and TypeScript mainly. I also have a bit of experience with Python and C#. I am very flexible with what I do, so I can adapt to most situations. I work well with Minecraft Plugin development and Website Design/Coding, but I’m also capable of Sys Admin, Linux, and Virtualization with VMs and Docker.

I’ve collected a lot of experience with running and managing Minecraft servers and did set up dedicated machines in datacenters and configured DDoS protection. I’ve also worked on a few projects with Minecraft plugins and websites.

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